UNICORE 6 Client Download with User Registration at TestGrid

In order to use the TestGrid you will need a certifcate to get access to the TestGrid. For this purpose, you can insert your data here and a test certifacte is created for you. This certificate is also directly added to the Unicore User Database at TestGrid and it is included within the downloaded Unicore 6 Bundle.

All you have to do to test Unicore 6 is to enter your name here and download the client. Then you will have a client including a keystore, which grants you access to the TestGrid.

(CN) Common Name: (e.g. John Doe)

(E) Email: (e.g. j.doe@somebodies.com)

(C) Country :

(O) Organisation Name:

(OU) Organisation Unit:

(L) Locality Name / City:

(ST) State Name:

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